Trading Strategy

Understand Trading Strategy Before Learning

Trading strategy is referring to a set of rules that investor follow through out the share trading process.  This set of rules could be a sentence criteria or comprehensive steps of judging processes.

Investor with trading system always acts differently then those do not have.  Investor will stick to the trading strategy and trade within the guideline.  While they are making any mistake or lost in investment, they could review their trading system and making adjustment to fine tuning it.


The Importance of Trading Strategy

Share market is a volatile market.  Investor will easily be affected by the market sentiment without considering entire situation.  Hence, setting up a set of trading guide for individual to follow through out the stock investment will minimize the fluctuation through out the trading process, and this set of trading guideline could be understand as trading system or trading strategy.


Trading Strategy from Joe Granville

Joe Granville is one of the famous investor, investment speaker and finance writer.  The Joe Granville’s 8 rules by using moving average trend line have been acting a solid trading strategy by most of the investors.

Maybe the 8 rules may sound simplicity at first glance, especially only moving average trend line is adopted.  However, the Joe Granville’s 8 rules is undoubtedly one of the famous trends trading system.

Investor could always learn the 8 rules and make this your first trading guide if you haven’t own one.


Trading Strategy for difference trading time-cycle

There is no one trading guideline suitable for all investor.  Investors may have their own behavior and psychological emotion toward investment.  Only set the trading strategy suitable own trading manners and not go beyond it.

Having said that, a day trader may have a set of intraday trading strategy difference than a long-term trend trader.  This is the reason why sometime given people share investment advise may not be a wise attitude.

Instead of giving direct investment advise for individual stock, we always encourage investor learn the stock analysis procedure and establish a set of trading system that best suit their behavior and attitude.  This is the reason for existence of technical analysis course.


Most if not all the famous trader does have own trading strategy, we also urge investor could also establish the set of trading guideline as the trading strategy along the investment career.

Investor could always follow a well-known trading teacher, learn their trading strategy and behavior, and transform that knowledge to yours.

There are several trading strategy sharing under this website, such as crossover trading strategy.  We hope investor could make full use of this trading knowledge sharing.